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Breathtaking sunsets in Cartagena from a luxury boat
Aug 11, 2017
Cartagena, being practically surrounded by the sea, presents beautiful sunsets that are reflected in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. In addition, the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful landscape from one of its islands is an unparalleled plan for both couples and groups of friends who want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in this warm climate.

For those who have decided to visit the walled city with their family or friends, they can rent one of our luxury boats and enjoy one of our plans that sail to Tierra Bomba Island, where you can appreciate the spectacular views from the middle of the sea, basking in the sunlight and enjoying a great afternoon with your loved ones.

Then, you will return to the coast of Cartagena and enjoy the panoramic view of the city lights, while eating with your family and drinking a delicious cocktail.

On the other hand, couples can create great memories by renting a luxury boat that will take them to one of the nearby islands like Baru, Cholon, Islas del Rosario, among others; to enjoy a magical evening in these paradisiacal places. Or you can stay close, in the Bay of Cartagena, to relax with the magnificent silhouette created by the constructions of the city as a background image, which offers a breathtaking view recognized by countless couples in the world.

Plan ahead and decide if you want a more relaxed plan where you and your friends are lulled by the waves, while enjoying a soft music and the ideal climate while spending an afternoon relaxing in the middle of the sea; Or create a much more lively plan where you and your friends will drink cocktails and a have meal of your choice, while partying in the middle of the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Whatever your plan, do not forget to rent with us a luxury boat so that your experience in Cartagena is absolutely unforgettable.

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