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The best food in Cholon Island
Aug 04, 2017
The swamp of cholon is recognized for its great beauty and for being a perfect place to relax or party in a boat for a while. But after several hours enjoying this beautiful landscape and the warm climate, it is a good time to try the typical food of this area, especially at one of the tables that are submerged in the water, under the shade of small huts.

The best known dish on any of the islands of Cartagena is a fried fish with coconut rice and fried plantain. In addition to its simplicity and great flavor, it is one of the cheapest dishes in the area. Another famous dish is the lobster with coconut rice, patacones and salad offered by vendors who approach the boats and tables of tourists. Most of Cholon's dishes have some type of seafood, since fishing is one of the main economic activities in the area: every day you will find a variety of fresh fish, crabs, snails, squid, octopus, among others.

On the other hand, tropical drinks are a must on this island, islanders use the coconut bark to serve cocktails such as “piña colada” and “coco loco”, in addition to serving several drinks with rum. For those who do not want alcoholic beverages, coconut water and natural juices are the best option.

It is common to find several street vendors who will offer you fresh oysters with salt and lemon, cocadas, fruits or drinks so you do not have to move of position and can continue to relax.

If you want to enjoy several hours in Cholon and enjoy the delicious typical dishes that has to offer, rent a boat or yacht and relax an entire afternoon in their paradisiac waters and warm climate.

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