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Where to go fishing in Cartagena
The best places to go fishing in Cartagena
Sep 29, 2017
One of the most desired plans by many tourists is to rent a boat in Cartagena for sport fishing, and let’s be honest, the walled city is the perfect spot to do it. And in Boats4U, we want your holiday in Cartagena to be the best; for that reason, in this article you will find a very general description of the places where you can practice this sport, take many photos and show your friends the amazing moment you had, maybe they will be tempted to visit the coast of Colombia as well.

We should start by saying that Cartagena is a fishing town. The inhabitants of Isla Tierra Bomba and La Boquilla dedicate their lives and their trade to fishing, but it is not in these places that tourists can dedicate a couple of hours to sport fishing in Cartagena, they’ll have to go to areas destined for this purpose.

Rent boats in Cartagena and go fishing!

The walled city has three places in which tourists enjoy the sport fishing, these are:

  • Punta Canoa beach: a very serene place that annually receives hundreds of tourists willing to take a few fishes from the sea.
  • La Tenaza: Its inhabitants are dedicated to fishing, so it is an excellent place for tourists to practice sport fishing by the hand of experts in the area.
  • Insular Zone: This area has a good number of islands destined to tourism, fun and sport fishing.
It is important to say that not all the seasons of the year are good to rent boats in Cartagena and go fishing. For example, if you plan to make your trip for the second half of the year, ideally, you will rent your boat in Cartagena for the night hours, as the marine cycle has a change and the fish leave at night, fishing for the day it will be a waste of time.

Also, the lunar phases influence the sea and fish are always more active in full moon and new moon, so that before renting your boat in Cartagena for fishing, it would be good to consult a lunar calendar.

On the other hand, during the first semester, the months of February and April are considered bad months to rent your boat in Cartagena and go fishing.

At Boats4U we have a plan that includes 7 hours of fishing with your friends or family, so that you spend the best vacations of your whole life. Do you want to know how to get it? Visit our Fishing & Fun section, make your reservation, rent your boat in Cartagena with us and get ready for your first fishing adventure in the Caribbean Sea.

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