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Visit to Cholón in Cartagena
Things to do in Cholon, Cartagena
Jun 16, 2017
Cholon island, located in Rosario and Sand Bernardo Corals National Natural Park, it’s a must when you are visiting Cartagena. Its breathtaking landscape, crystalline waters and warm weather are a must see for all tourists.

You can reach this place in two ways: By car, you have to cross the Campo Elías Terán Dix’s bridge, but be careful because some part of the road are yet to be paved. And by boat, you can buy a ticket for one of the large ones that sail off from Cartagena or you can get a more private experience and rent one, this way just takes 45 minutes and you can enjoy the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

This idyllic island, located to Baru’s Island south, is known for its turquoise waters, remarkable views and an amazing group of huts, built on the water, where most of the people decide to eat, while they are waist-deep in the warm sea.

Other option is to bask in the sun, trying to get a tan while you relax in the white sand or you can choose go out for a walk to be captivated by the flora and fauna. On the other hand, you can try to snorkel so you can watch the submarine views.

But Cholon, is most known as Colombia’s party island. Groups of people rent a boat that will be floating close to the beach, while the people enjoy of the music, sun and food the habitants have to offer.

If you are interest in renting a boat to visit Cholon (Cartagena), check our plans.

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