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Things to do in Cartagena

Discover with Boats4U the top things to do in Cartagena
Enjoy the best family plan in Cartagena
Enjoy the best family plan in Cartagena
Apr 06, 2018
This paradisiacal city is made to enjoy it at all times of the year and special occasions and, of course, share this experience with the best company.

Its streets, beaches and the friendliness of its people make this the perfect destination to enjoy with the people you love the most.

In Boats4U we are in love with Cartagena. Therefore, we share a list of the best plans to enjoy this city as a family:
  • Visit the Historical Center: Located in the center of Cartagena and surrounded by a great wall, this Historic Center is part of the Colombian history. You can teach your little ones all the exploits of the Colony through its museums, statues, and architecture. Do not forget to visit the legendary India Catalina, a few kilometers away.
  • Visit the San Felipe Castle: This historical monument was used to defend the Heroica during the colonization and acquire beautiful souvenirs. You can also take the guide service to tell you everything about this building and arrive in chiva so that the tour is a family party.
  • Gastronomic tour: from Morros to La Boquilla, you can find exquisite dishes of the region. It's the perfect opportunity to instill or reinforce the love for traditional food... especially seafood.
  • Dream Hotels: In Cartagena, you will find international hotel chains such as Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Estelar and other places that also have luxury facilities such as Estelar, Corales de Indias and Las Américas, renowned for its attractions for children.
  • Water trips: Transporting in the sea by boat or boats in Cartagena is an unforgettable experience for adults and children. We recommend you to rent a luxury boat in Cartagena, directly at the port and not on nearby coasts for greater safety and comfort.
  • We wanted to leave the best for the end, which are the walks along the beach, and we say "walks" because the Cartagena beach does not end at La Boquilla. We invite you to visit its nearby islands: In Playa Blanca, for example, you can do canoeing or visit the largest aquarium in the country, not to mention that the water and sand are much purer and you can clearly see the ecosystem of the Caribbean Sea. Visit the beaches of Baru, Tierrabomba, Cholon, etc. You will not regret it.
Do not forget to rent your boat in Cartagena with Boats4U. We take care of the trip, leave it in our hands.

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