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3 spots in Cartagena perfect for snorkeling in luxury boats
Jul 21, 2017
Cartagena is practically surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and has a great number of islands that where you can snorkel around and discover the colorful species that are in its waters. But, the main reason for snorkeling in "La Heroica" is the presence of a coral reef in the Rosario Islands.

The National Park Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo has one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the country, where fringing and barrier reefs can be found. Giving the tourists a spectacular view due to the large number of shapes and colors offered by the different species that inhabit these places. That's why we present you three options so you can snorkel and enjoy this beautiful landscape.

Baru, an island located 45 minutes from Cartagena, is one of the main tourist attractions, due to its large number of activities. But, it is known for the ease to snorkel because of the shallow depth that is required to enjoy this beautiful spectacle, its warm waters, colorful fish and its excellent climate.

Isla Grande, it is about an hour from "La Heroica", also has the warm and translucent waters of Baru; Although, if you have the time to drift around, you can enjoy other of the island’s ecosystems such as mangroves, coastal lagoons or tropical forests. Especially, "Laguna Encantada" a space where a kind of bioluminescent plankton makes the water shine.

Playa Blanca, is located in Baru Island, is renowned for its soft white sand and crystalline waters that allow you to snorkel close to the coast where you can appreciate the exotic life, seeing corals and fish of countless species and sizes.

If you want to enjoy an amazing snorkeling experience, the best option is to rent a luxury boat that will take you to the best coral reef sites and adapt to your schedule for visiting each place. Since most tours, only allow you to snorkel for periods between an hour or two. Thus, with a luxury boat from Cartagena you will calmly enjoy the underwater scenery that this place has to show you.
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